Software Development networkers GmbH develops web-based software, or in other words software that requires a browser to run. works in rather complex, global settings and creates perfectly working solutions also for challenging requirements. uses analytical thinking and creativity to find the shortest route to applications that actually increase efficiency by being very logical and straight forward in usage.  

Highly motivated and perfectly trained software developers program your web application using straight line approaches. Skilled and experienced software architects design your web application so that it is perfectly tailored to your demands and future plans. The foundation to maintain software over long cycles is set by a future-oriented software architecture. 

See the case studies for examples of’s projects. is a software company and not a web agency creating web sites. With Octaved though, offers a platform on which others can create web content. Octaved is a perfect solution for multi-national web communication of large companies or organizations (and works equally good in smaller environments). Octaved can be the platform for individual web-software development by – but not necessarily. creates web software as well from scratch.  

Whatever your goals and visions are, is your reliable partner for web software development –  with out-of-the-box thinking.
The foundation of a reliable and resilient software concept is an in-depth understanding of the requirements and the project environment. 
With long experience and a highly skilled team is able to connect the customer’s view of the project requirements with the world of software development. We analyze together with the customer from an elevated point of view. Out-of-the-box thinking is our daily business. We often find several realistic solution approaches and the customer can choose what suits best. Once we dive into the challenge our team comes up with additional creative ideas making the software smarter, easier and more efficient. Our motto: There are no walls, just the ones someone builds by himself. 
Studies show that every second software project fails. Why are projects with successful? A main reason for failing is an insufficient analysis. We listen to you until we fully understand and soak your requirements. We bring together the (often contradicting) requirements and expectations of technology, marketing, sales and management.
Programming uses different methods of software development and applies dynamically what suits best. With comprehensive experience also in larger projects we can choose the optimal development method and the best developer team for the respective task. 
The developer team is highly skilled and continuously trained to be on the edge of technology. Knowledge and experience are the keys to develop software in a straight line and avoid the common “two steps forward, one step back” approach.

The developer team is highly skilled and continuously trained to be on the edge of technology. Knowledge and experience are the keys to develop software in a straight line and avoid the common “two steps forward, one step back” approach.
As quality assurance is an essential part of reliable software and development cycles, incorporates tests from early stages on and develops test driven where useful.
Quality Assurance
Experience shows that a good software quality management takes up a certain part of the software development effort but pays off quickly. 

Testing today’s complex applications by hand would be a nightmare. A machine can do repeated tests way more reliable and won’t complain about the monotonous work. 

At we run all tests on a regular base and of course as the last step before releasing a new version. Tests run daily or even multiple times a day to provide developers a feedback as early as possible. uses automated end-to-end tests, where the user actions of mouse clicks and keyboard entries are simulated in the test environment. Unit tests are on lower level, where different aspects of the application are tested and tests can run faster.

Manual tests are used in addition and when the human brain is superior to algorithms. Sometime it requires a certain degree of creativity to find a bug, which can be fixed before the software is rolled out. 

The philosophy at a is to let the tests grow together with the software. 100% test coverage is a dream and way too expensive. Finding smart place to put the tests provides a good test coverage at reasonable costs.  
Hosting, Server Environment, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code
Technologies like Docker and cloud services like Amazon Web Services introduce a new thinking about infrastructure. Applications are monitored and the capacity is automatically adjusted for steady performance and optimum user experience at lowest cost. A scaling infrastructure is a cost-efficient method to be ready for growth and intermittent high load resulting from (for example) marketing campaigns. 

Having the infrastructure as code increases control and reduces risks when rolling out new versions. Larger applications need a tailored infrastructure. It is more efficient to tie the infrastructure closer to the application. 

Applications need to be developed with this approach in mind to be able to benefit from the advantages of “docker thinking”. can develop your application together with defining the matching docker based infrastructure. With monitoring and fine-tuning the environment as further services we are able to offer DevOps. If you prefer a traditional server setup, we develop your application perfectly matching your environment. A hybrid approach is also possible. can also support migrating/dockerizing your existing application.  

More about hosting, Docker and infrastructure as code can be found here: Dynamic Hosting with Docker and Amazon Web Services
Octaved is’s own web communication platform, which includes a content management system. If your requirements match with what Octaved offers, it is a great choice to go that route. Projects can be ready faster and cheaper. It may also make sense to use the Octaved programming interfaces and create a tailor made, customer specific expansion. Using Octaved in a project is not a must, but an option. networkers GmbH
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