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European Web Portal for Car Insurance Company

A Japanese car manufacturer runs its own car insurance company. created the web software for the insurance company’s European car dealer portal. The business case is that after the customer buys a car the dealer offers him/her a car insurance. The web software covers calculating the insurance tariff (offer), the insurance contract application (order) and contract management (renewal). The portal is a main business and communication channel between the car dealers and the car insurance company.
Insurance Calculator
The high-performance car insurance calculator incorporates car type specific and regional aspects as well as campaigns and special discounts. The algorithm to calculate an insurance tariff is different in European countries. One central calculator with country specific plugins was developed. Coming from the calculator insurance contract applications are created and synchronized with backend systems.  
Clustering And Permissions
Car dealer data is synchronized between backend systems and the web portal – in both directions, including conflict and double entry management. Car dealers are assigned to target clusters. Depending on their clusters dealers see different information and can use different features. 

Dealers and dealer chains handle the accounts of their employees by their selves including permissions, which are set using an easy-to-understand role concept (“junior salesman/-woman”). 

The target cluster together with the role concept result in a rights matrix. The handling is still very easy and straightforward – there is no need to understand the matrix in the background. The intuitive user interface makes sure that the correct permissions are set up. 
Contract Management
Using the contract management, the car dealer can act early before contract renewals and use other business opportunities. 
More Features
  • On-the-fly PDF creation
  • Target group specific news, managed centrally
  • Sales statistics
  • Interim insurance handling (until car is finally registered) according to new European regulations
  • Consultation protocol for selling insurance contracts according to new European regulations. This solution is both feasible during sales talk and not legally vulnerable. Other insurance companies copied the approach.
Three different car brands and one independent brand are all handled with the same software. Dynamic page templates and smart content aliasing allows re-using the same content and minimize content creation work.
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