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Since being founded in 1997 h.com has successfully finished a lot of projects for smaller and well-known larger clients. Here are just a few more examples.

Internal Training Platform For a Bank

The employees of the bank get information about trainings offered. Trainings are offered based on a job profile and there is a long-time training plan for each job profile. The employees can register only for those trainings, which are in their training plan. The registration includes travel and accommodation options.

The application also handles reservation lists for travel and accommodations as well as the booking of the trainers and printing name badges.

Extranet For A Printer Manufacturer

The extranet is a communication channel between the printer manufacturer and the dealers.

Hoya Vision Care Center

The Hoya Vision Care Center brings together consultation tools (of different suppliers) under one roof. Installation and updates are centrally managed and there is one launch toolbar.
…and numerous further projects

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