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Lens Configuration and Ordering System for Hoya

The Japanese company Hoya is leading, globally operating manufacturer of optical lenses.

HoyaiLog is the web-based lens configuration and ordering system of Hoya. Opticians (or eye care professionals) use HoyaiLog to order lenses which they sell together with a frame as glasses to end consumers. HoyaiLog is considered as being the best lens configuration and ordering tool on the market.

Product Variants

HoyaiLog is an advanced example for variant configuration. Billions of product variants are handled by HoyaiLog. They are required to solve the triangle of customer’s vision impairment, customer’s wishes and technical feasibility. The configures a lens in a very logical and efficient workflow.

Different health regulations in different countries, market specific catalogs and multi-brand management boost the complexity even more. Using the inheritance principle, the product administration is still easy and efficient.
Product variants
3d visualization

3D Visualization

The lens as it would be cut and prepared for mounting in a frame is calculated and visualized in 3D. The optician can rotate the lens freely in any direction and judge whether the final product will meet the quality standards before the product is manufactured.

The optician can see in 3D and with measurement details whether a lens will be too thin at the point of a drill hole and can perform adjustments.

Using WebGL technology the 3D visualization is fast and smooth on desktop computers and tablets.


For countries with less stable internet connections or situations where the internet connection is not permanent HoyaiLog can be used offline. There is no extra software required. Everything is handled in the browser. When the internet connection resumes, data is automatically synchronized and orders are sent.

After the browsers started to support the technology for offline web applications HoyaiLog was among the first to make use of it successfully in a larger context.

More Features

  • Controlling USB measurement devices within the ordering process and display their results in 3D
  • Campaign management including vouchers for “buy one and get a second one discounted/free” type of campaigns“
  • Responsiveness. Adjusts automatically to screen size. Works equally good on desktop computers and tablets like iPad.
  • Interfaces for software partners (local ERP systems) and optician chains
  • Seamless integration of sales consultation tools in the order process. No extra login, no re-typing of values. All information is transferred back and forth.
  • Realtime stock check
  • Circuit breaker pattern to manage failures of connected applications and third parties keeping the impact on HoyaiLog as low as possible
  • Separate, autonomous authentication server with special security measures
  • Translation manager for decentralized on-the-fly user interface translations


HoyaiLog is both a database and computing intensive application. With its architecture optimized for docker technology a high level of flexibility and reliability is reached. Within one minute further application servers are started when more opticians are configuring and ordering lenses. Having the infrastructure as source code increases transparency and lets expansions run on rails.


The very logical and efficient workflow to configure a lens sets the industry standard and has been copied by competitors. Opticians consider HoyaiLog as the best lens configuration and ordering tool on the market.

Was unsere Kunden sagen

Thierry Lepiez
CIO Hoya Vision Care Europe
Thierry Lepiez
Our demands on software are high. h.com is not only able to meet our expectations. h.com thinks ahead, is able to look at challenges from an elevated point of view and comes up with new ideas. The quality of their work is outstanding. They are very trustable, and their software is long lasting and very well-functioning. We used their knowledge to help us moving from a private datacenter to a public cloud: it’s the latest of our success stories together.
Félix S. España
Global New Media Manager Vision Care @ Hoya
Félix S. España
h.com understands the world of marketing and sales and does not live in an IT bubble. Their solutions work perfectly in real-life and always exceed our expectations. The quality of their software is excellent.
Stefan Müller
Hoya Vision Care Europe IT department
HoyaiLog coordinator
Stefan Müller
I am working with h.com for many years and am in contact with them almost every day. Working with them is very smooth and they always have competent answers. h.com is very much straight forward, well-structured and target oriented. It is a pleasure to work with h.com.
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