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Customer Portal Hoyanet for Lens Manufacturer Hoya

The Japanese company Hoya is a leading and worldwide operating manufacturer of optical lenses. Lenses are sold to opticians who sell them as a part of glasses to end consumers. Hoyanet is a web-based customer portal and the major communication channel between Hoya and their customers, the opticians.

Marketing Support

The Hoyanet supports the marketing of the optician with:
  • Campaign configurator, the optician configures a full marketing campaign with a few mouse clicks, posters, flyers, brochures, giveaways, radio ads, mail, email to target groups selected on configurable criteria
  • Marketing material shop
  • Download of brochures, country specific and using target clusters
  • Image database for optician to create own advertising
  • Sales statistics

Clustering And Permissions

Opticians are assigned to clusters. The communication is then tailored to each cluster. For example, members of the cluster “Gold Partners” have certain benefits. Customer data including target clustering information are synchronized automatically with backend systems.

Opticians and optician chains handle the accounts of their employees by their selves including permissions, which are set using an easy-to-understand role concept (“junior salesman/-woman”).

The target cluster together with the role concept result in a rights matrix. The handling is still very easy and straightforward – there is no need to understand the matrix in the background. The intuitive user interface makes sure that the correct permissions are set up.

Bonus Points

Based on sales figures opticians earn bonus points. They can spend the bonus points for example for marketing material and configurable campaigns. The bonus points calculation scheme is country-specific and depends on target clusters.

More Features

  • News, visible by cluster, centrally managed
  • Email newsletter
  • Quick ordering tool for discounted lenses
  • Single-sign-on, with special features for optician chains
  • Games to increase user acceptance
  • Order tracking including manufacturing steps
  • Statistics, built-in and using Google Analytics

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