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Analysis & Concept

Successful Projects Through Analysis and Targeted Concepts

Dive in For Success

Studies show that worldwide every second software project fails. Reasons are often insufficient analysis and conception. h.com dives into the world of the customer and understands products and services as well as processes and ways of thinking. Thanks to many years of experience and a qualified team, h.com is able to combine the customer's perspective with the world of software development.

Fast and Clean

A good preparation does not contradict fast results. Actually, the opposite is true. In the context of the concept creation click dummies can be created, which serve both for coordination and achieving of a common vision. In addition, they can be completed with functionality in further stages. Over the entire course of the project, the goal is finally reached faster with a good preparation.

Out of The Box

As an external partner it is naturally easier for h.com to view the situation with out-of-the-box thinking and to bring fresh, creative ideas into the discussion.


Skilled and experienced software architects plan your software to fit perfectly with your requirements and to be open for future expansion. Well-thought user interfaces allow for excellent usability and a high degree of acceptance in the target group.

Agile or Traditionally

Detailed concepts can be created „traditionally“ in advance or, in the case of an agile approach (according to Scrum), dynamically refined during the development process.

With a Heart

We at h.com are really interested in what moves you and what you want to move. We support you in making processes lean and achieving competitive advantages. With our hearts and keen minds.

Does that sound interesting? You would like to know more?

Good software is created in dialogue and we are happy to exchange ideas with you.