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Quality Assurance

Good Software is no Coincidence

Automated Test Landscape

h.com has an automated test landscape in which software is continuously tested for weak points and errors. It simulates the interaction of users in time-lapse as well as verifying basic functions with every little change. This creates confidence and lets everyone involved sleep more peacefully.

End-to-End Testing

Testing modern, complex software by hand would be a nightmare. A machine can perform tests with constant repetitions much more reliably and does not complain about the monotonous work.

Manual Testing

In addition, h.com performs manual tests. The human brain is in many aspects superior to algorithms. It quite often takes some creativity to find a bug that can be fixed before going live. The specialists of h.com proceed like detectives and never give up.

Test-Driven Development

Whenever possible, the tests are created before the actual software module. The benefits of testing are used already during development.

Does the Effort Pay Off??

Experience shows that good quality management can make a tangible contribution to the software development effort, but it quickly pays off. The longer the lifetime of software, the more a good test coverage pays off. Experience shows that from the developer to the project manager of the customer everyone benefits from good tests.

Does that sound interesting? You would like to know more?

Good software is created in dialogue and we are happy to exchange ideas with you.